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CellCore Assessment & Consultation

Comprehensive Health Assessment and Roadmap to Health!

  • 55 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • ONLINE Meetup

Service Description

The Comprehensive Health Assessment ask the questions that frequently are missed in office setting. The Assessment is designed to "listen" to what your body is telling you, and possibly identify areas of concern that have not necessarily surfaced as they maybe silenced by other louder symptoms. Painful and uncomfortable symptoms are simply nature's non-verbal way to get your attention. Getting at the root of "dis" "ease" through detoxification and hyper-nutrition is a sure way to end chronic suffering and symptom management. I have found with my own health outcomes that the investment in my health is priceless, and pays forward with better overall health and youthful appearance. The major reason I love CellCore Products comes from the results we get from using them. The carbon technology at the foundation acts as both a detoxifier and mineral supplier to help fill our cellular batteries allowing our body to do what it is designed to do….live and thrive. Without energy, life is an uphill battle. CellCore’s carbon technology is sourced from ancient decomposed plant material that contains high levels of carbon chains. The uniqueness of the products are the nanotechnology that promotes exchange on a cellular level even passing the blood brain barrier. The carbon utilization increases energy and assists in uptake of vital minerals to be accepted and utilized by the body. HM-ET Binder is my go to in the first line of detoxification. I first-hand have experienced recovery from brain fog and major debilitating fatigue, gut dysbiosis, and agrochemical toxicity. The Assessment provides information for to design a health coaching Roadmap to a Healthier You!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule appointment, please give me 24 hours. Thank you!

Contact Details

(805) 395-8125

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